© Lowe Standards - Fotolia.comMarketing campaigns can be time-consuming and costly to create and implement. You want to make the most of all of your well-planned marketing strategies. Social media efforts complement your current marketing campaigns. Maximize your investment by focusing on social media updates, interaction and sharing.

Engage, Don’t Bark

Nobody wants to sit next to the person at a party who talks about their own life the entire time. The same is true on social media. A monologue soon gets ignored. It is essential to make contacts and interact at least two or three times per week. Post your updates on blogs and website and encourage others to share them. View and like posts at social media to let people know  you are engaged. Conduct surveys and ask questions along with commentary from the company along the way.

Promote Social Media Everywhere

People won’t know you’re on social media unless you tell them. More people are joining social media to keep up with key businesses, family members and friends. Promote your social media account on your website with sharing buttons on your content to leading sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Include your social media accounts on promotional materials including business cards and brochures. Encourage people to connect with you on these social media accounts.

Be a Participant in Social Media

People want to share your content when you comment and share theirs. Be honest and only share content that pertains to your line of business or offers some unusually useful information for your visitors. Be a participant in social media and reach out to others. Make alliances with customers and related businesses. Have your own voice that reflects the rand and mood of your business. Social media gives you a chance to customize and personalize your approach to marketing to reach your target audience.